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#SOPHIANGDIVISION is recruiting!

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... Are you TIRED  Because You Are UNABLE to Close Your Clients Viewings after Viewings?

... Looking for the RIGHT MENTOR to support in your Digital Marketing, Personal BRANDING & SALES Campaigns?

... Do you want GUIDANCE and be provided with Sales Closing Roadmap along with series of Scripts & Templates for you to DUPLICATE that will help you to INCREASE your sales?

Hey aspiring realtor,​

Let's face it, even with many years of real estate experience, or being the best property advisor in town, -- But, here's the hard truth, NONE of those skills matter and I really mean NONE, if you are unable to consistently generate NEW CLIENTS for your business.


And guess what.. if you continue to hold on to your past beliefs and operate the same way-- you will be OUT of the real estate industry sooner than you think.

We all know that the real estate industry is ever-changing and evolving in this DIGITAL AGE -- Whatever was working in the past, may not be working now...and we are NEVER going back, we can only LOOK AHEAD!

Digital Marketing is a skill whereby even veteran realtors will confess that it is one of the toughest to master.


No one is to be blamed. It's not a skill where we were taught in school, and yet it rose to become the utmost important skill in this era for all real estate salespeople.

... "Real estate agents should embrace technology and 'run with it’."  Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin at ERA's Asia-Pacific Business Conference 2018

... "Real estate agents will need to upgrade their skills; it is no longer a ‘tour guide’ business with an agent simply showing people around houses.” says ERA KEO Eugene Lim

... "To survive and thrive, the industry must consider new ways of doing things; The time to transform is now." says Minister of State Dr Koh Poh Koon.

But Fret Not!Having been through the transformational journey, together with leaders of the real estate industry and my team, we are now seeking to help empower more realtors!

This is the main reason why we believe in continuous education to stay ahead and be on top of our game --- And it's always easier to achieve faster results by working with the right mentor and right team. I believe with the right training and right support, nothing is impossible. 


#SophiaNgDivision have formulated proven systems and structured techniques which helped our many of our agents cross their million dollar sales commission milestone, from Lead Generation Systems > Presentation Framework > Closing Process -- and all these will be for YOU to DUPLICATE!

We are on a mission to empower realtors, and to groom YOU to be the next Real Estate Millionaire Achiever.


We have helped many of our associates achieve their dreams by attaining the coveted Centurion Cup which represents more than $100,000 commission earned in a single month -- and I believe that YOU can achieve it too!

In ERA Preeminent Group, our success can be attributed to a warm and inviting culture that is open to sharing of knowledge and experiences. We believe that every agent can be successful with the Right Team, Right Trainings and Right Systems.


With our dynamic team coaching, up-to-date market intelligence and various leadership platforms, you can expect tremendous opportunities for your growth and to be our next leader!


Many have achieved it -- The opportunity is now back in your hands again.


#WinTogether With #SophiaNgDivision

Sophia Ng Success Story - ERA Preeminent Group Career Opportunity Seminar Guest Speaker

Sophia Instagram Marketing Trainer ERA.j

Sophia Ng ERA Trainer of the Year 2019 - USM: Boost Your Digital Quotient


Sophia Ng - Featured on International TV, House Hunters Asia Season 2

Sophia Ng - Featured on International TV, House Hunters Asia Season 2

Here's What You Get, When You Are Part Of Sophia Ng Division!

  • Learn How You Can Switch From The Resale Market To New Launch Market With Our  ONE Proven Strategy.

  • Step-by-Step Guidance On How To Create, Control & Duplicate Your Own Successful Digital Sales and Personal Branding Marketing Systems.

  • Proven Digital Copywriting Scripts & Templates For You To Increase Your Lead Generation For ANY New Project.

  • Leverage On Our More Than 40 Bite-Size Sales Presentation Kits To Double Your Closings Rate.

  • Gain Exclusive Access To Our Monthly Training With Up-To-Date Market Intelligence, Empowerment Sharing and New Realtor Insider Knowledge.

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SophiaNgDivision Incentive Trip to Guangzhou

property real estate sophia ng division

SophiaNgDivision Achievers Supper in Guangzhou

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SophiaNgDivision Trainings and Meetings Online

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Sophia Ng with Gary Vee, HUSTLE 100%

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Team Recruitment Activities For Leaders

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#SophiaNgDivision Incentive Lunch @ Salt Grill & Sky Bar

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 New Launch Project Trainings

unlimited opportunities career with era.

Unlimited Career Opportunities and Support from ERA

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Sophia Ng with Minister Khaw Boon Wan

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ERA Annual Awards Recognition #WinTogether



Real People Real Results 

Lionel Mai Top ERA Agent.png


One of the many reasons why I joined the real estate industry is because I enjoy seeing beautiful house. People in my network have repeatedly asked me about SG properties and how to start their real estate investment portfolio here. I took the leap of faith and joined in 2017. Sophia has been very supportive and helpful in giving timely advice. Young, energetic and creative, she always delivers the best marketing ideas to market a property. Sophia frequently provides advice on how to overcome buyers concern as well. ERA has provided a very strong platform for marketing new projects. There are endless trainings, especially digital trainings helped me to work efficiently and close more deals. I am grateful to join Sophia and her division and ERA as one big family.


Lionel Mai
8786 6000


After graduating from RMIT Uni, I kickstart my career by joining the real estate industry in mid 2018. I chose sales instead of 9-5 office job because my initial thoughts were “why not give it a try as there is nothing to lose”. When all else fails, I still have my degree cert and I can go back to the corporate world. After hustling every day in my first year, I was promoted to Marketing Director and crossed 6-figure income in my first year in the industry. Sophia has been very supportive and responsive to all my queries. In addition, in ERA we have multiple trainings provided. Our team adopts an open sharing concept whereby we learn from each other’s experiences. With the constant support & motivation from Sophia and ERA, I am constantly motivated to boost my sales through applying different strategies. “Real Estate is not a sprint, it’s a marathon”



Ernest Phua
8668 3000


Ernest Phua Top ERA Agent.png
Joewind Han ERA Award Winning Agent.png


Joining real estate almost a decade ago was a pathway to freedom of time and a route to financial freedom, which allows more time for my family and my community work. Real estate work has brought about tremendous opportunities to networking and partnering with successful high net worth individuals to redesign their Real estate portfolio. This had given me intense satisfaction. Knowledge is powerful tool in being successful. Such acquisition and application of knowledge is further enhanced by Sophia's constant support and ERA's insightful trainings. In Sophia's team, there is strong support and great team work, a great platform where realtor excel.


Joewind Han, BBM
9889 8658


I joined ERA in Sep 2019 and attended as many trainings as I could to increase my competency in this industry. I believed in the teachings so much that I immediately sold my HDB in February 2020 and bought a brand new 3 bedroom condo in March despite the sluggish economy. It was also in March 2020 when my former business was affected by Covid-19 that I decided to shift full gears into Digital Lead Generation for real estate. Within the same month, I sold a unit at One Pearl Bank and a HDB flat just before the Circuit Breaker started in April 2020, and with several potential buyers in the pipeline. Sophia and ERA has provided tremendous support. ERA has many valuable trainings and Preemminent’s seniors are all so very willing to share their knowledge and experiences even when I do not belong to their Division. Sophia is approachable, proactive and quick to answer any queries I had along the way.



Alfred Tan
8781 9298


ERA Top Achievers Sophia Ng Division Al Alfred Tan Joewind Han Ernest Phua Lionel Mai Kao
ivor tan era.jpg


Having joined ERA Sophia Ng division for 5 months, I’m glad to say that I’ve achieved 3 Diamonds by ERA. One of the highest accolades awarded to RES whom achieved more than 6-figures income in a month. Having come from the banking and finance industry, it was bumpy at the start. However, with proven systems, platforms and unwavering support given by Sophia & her team, I managed to learn the ropes fast and had a jump start in this meaningful career. It isn’t always a bed a roses, with success comes sacrifices. But I’m glad I took the leap of faith and made those sacrifices. A leader and mentor like Sophia whom walks the talks and talks the walk will show you the path to success! Always grateful.


Ivor Tan
8823 1000


Marcus chu

"As one of youngest Division Directors in ERA, Sophia's one of the Leaders under 30 you should pay attention to. Driven, creative, yet disciplined, she is one of the rare young ones who has the gumption to do what it takes to create her own success, and that of her team. If you're looking for a young Leader who know how to have fun as much as she knows how to guide you, you need to give Sophia a call today." 

- Mr Marcus Chu,

ERA Singapore Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

About Sophia Ng

centurion winner sophia diamond ng era.j

Sophia is absolutely passionate about real estate and entrepreneurship. She embarked on her entrepreneur journey from the tender age of 14; founded an online radio station, freelance web designer/developer, led a team to do door-knocking and roadshow sales, ventured into food trading business, and now, the young rising star in the real estate industry.

Sophia was featured on House Hunters Asia Season 2, broadcasted on international TV channel, HGTV, in year 2016. She had achieved numerous recognition from ERA; ERA Top New Manager of the Year 2017, ERA Million Dollar Club recipient, Sales Top Achiever Awards 2016-2020. With her unique winning strategy, Sophia have also achieved six-figure commission in a single month multiple times. She is also the fastest and youngest Senior Division Director promoted in ERA. She was also recently recognized as Trainer of the Year 2019 & 2020.

Sophia also leads in YoungERA executive committee in 2019-current, President of YoungERA. YoungERA is a platform and initiative by ERA for young achievers below age 35. We work together to inspire young leaders to achieve results and build team together!

Sophia is aspired to inspire individuals with goals to achieve their goals with her selfless sharing, and guidance. She believes in adding value to aspiring individuals thus creating a positive impact in their lives.

"You don't need to see what's at the top. You just need to take the first step, and chase your dreams. Your dream is worth more than anybody's opinions. Go for it."

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All New & Experienced Real Estate Salesperson Welcome!

Join the Agency Of The Future . Build your future with ERA today.

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The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose,

Sophia Ng SY

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ERA Youngest Group Division Director | YoungERA President


(A Division of Preeminent Group)

Multiple Awards Achiever '16, '17, '18, '19, '20, '21

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